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This section contains the most frequently asked questions about Api resin flooring.

What type of resin do you recommend for high traffic areas?

It is first necessary to study the characteristics of the traffic, or rather the properties of the vehicles themselves, the pathways, the hardness of the wheels, the pressure and their movements and accelerations. Once these data have been determined, the right solution can be proposed.

In the industrial sector, Api Spa resins create a seamless planar surface and are therefore ideal for load handling environments. Thanks to the various colours of the resin and the final effect obtained from either the application method or the material itself, sophisticated solutions can be created for the civil and commercial sectors, which are ideal for floors in offices, showrooms and even private homes.

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What can I do to resolve my concrete flooring problems?

Resin flooring is one of the best solutions to most concrete flooring problems, especially those relating to hygiene, continuity, waterproofing and protection against chemical spills.

Resin flooring helps to consolidate the support surface, prevents the formation of dust, improves wear resistance and the smooth transit of vehicles, even offering a wide range of decorative possibilities.

The resin, however, cannot replace the proper design of the concrete flooring itself, which must take into consideration the mechanical properties, the shrinkage and expansion joints, the dimensions, gradients, and the flatness.

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What type of resin flooring do I need to choose for industrial use?

In the industrial building sector, there are many different functional requirements depending on the type of industry and the use that is made of the flooring. Is often the case that within the same building should be installed resin floors with different characteristics depending on the uses of the various environments: production, storage, offices, laboratories, etc.

A careful assessment of the specific requirements of the resin application’s area is always performed on a case-to-case basis, taking care to design a flooring solution that will become an integral part of the company's production process and that will follow its future developments.

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What type of resin flooring do I need to choose for Marine use?

With regard to the type of flooring most suitable for marine use, it is useful to identify the type of vessel upon which it will be installed. Ships intended for passenger transport generally have different requirements than military vessels and offshore platforms.

Whatever the case, the first distinction to be drawn is that between the work areas, the crew areas, and the public areas.

The work areas differ from the public areas in a functional sense, as the former are subject to greater chemical and physical stresses of various types, which require a different level of durability. For both it is necessary to determine the aesthetic requirements, in order to setting the design and any particular decorations or markings required on the flooring.

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