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  Api Spa resin floors for galleys

Hygiene, seamless and non-slip flooring: these are the key words that describe the superior characteristics of Api Spa resin floors made for galleys.

Seamless solutions that prevent the dirt accumulation in the gaps, that stand up well to constant foot traffic and that are extremely safe thanks to their non-slip feature. Being particularly resistant to various temperature levels, the surfaces created with the resin can be used to complete almost any galley or pantry environment, as well as for many other uses.

Thanks to the FLEXIPLAST range of underlays, it is possible to realize the thicknesses required in galley environments due to the presence of deep gutters, while at the same time maintaining a reduced weight. The FLEXISECURIT ER floor creates surface continuity and can be realized with the degree of non-slip protection required, even differentiating it area-by-area, wherever necessary. The watertight property of Api floors prevents the usual problem of water seeping through grouts or through cracks in the tile down to the underlay, thus causing their detachment or the decay of the traditional underlay and the corrosion of the steel.

In addition to offering excellent technical performance, Api Spa resin coatings also meet the requirements established for ship galleys, such as ease of movement and the ability to ensure an environment that meets all the hygiene standards, both for the workers and for the food items prepared in large quantities.

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