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Ship swimming pools

  Api Spa resin floors for ship swimming pools

Thanks to its watertight charecteristic, the resin perfectly lends itself to be used in swimming pool areas, for the pool, for the beach area and for all its elements. The ability to create environments adorned with appealing graphics and game of colours and shades, allows any swimming pool area to be entirely customized with a sophisticated look.

Api Spa's long experience in studying the characteristics of the water used aboard cruise ships has led to formulate a multilayer coating system with excellent chemical resistance, which is able to protect the pool with a small amount of scheduled maintenance to be carried out only on the finishing coat.

For the "Beach" area, it is possible to create controlled slopes and to finish them with decorative non-slip resins or mosaic patterns. The water drainage channels (the so-called "overflows") can also be coated with resin, along with the reinforcing structures, ensuring a 100% corrosion control.

The Api Spa prefabricated resin elements, such as bullnose edges, folded steps and benches, allow the horizontal elements to be connected with the vertical ones, shaping the transitions with continuity and without creating any joints, which are potential points for the starting of corrosion.

It is possible to choose how to create the pools using ad hoc formulated projects, according to the design of the ship or the ambient details.

Coating a swimming pool with Api Spa’s decorative resin is the technically more advanced and safer solution to meet the most demanding design requirements.

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