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This section contains the most frequently asked questions about Api resin flooring.

What type of resin flooring do I need to choose for Marine use?

With regard to the type of flooring most suitable for marine use, it is useful to identify the type of vessel upon which it will be installed. Ships intended for passenger transport generally have different requirements than military vessels and offshore platforms.

Whatever the case, the first distinction to be drawn is that between the work areas, the crew areas, and the public areas.

The work areas differ from the public areas in a functional sense, as the former are subject to greater chemical and physical stresses of various types, which require a different level of durability. For both it is necessary to determine the aesthetic requirements, in order to setting the design and any particular decorations or markings required on the flooring.

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What types of certificates are required for resin flooring for Marine use?

When resin flooring should be realized for the marine sector, it is necessary to scrupulously comply with specific standards and certifications. The certificates of reference are those issued by the International Maritime Organisation (IMO), an independent United Nations Convention responsible for the safety of navigation.

Most of Api’s underlays, top coats and finishing have been granted IMO MED certificates.

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Can resin flooring also be used for recreational watercraft?

Firstly, the recreational boating sector, or rather the one related to vessels used for recreational and sporting purposes and not for commercial aim, includes boats with hulls that are shorter than those of cruise ships or military vessels. For this reason, the type of processing to be carried out in order to manufacture the resin flooring, is different.

Resin flooring can certainly be used on recreational watercrafts, but, due to their fluidity characteristics, on smaller boats it is normally recommended to install prefabricated resin panels with a decorative covering (e.g. for a teak effect), which can be glued directly onto the boat's deck.

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