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Api Spa resin floors for canteens

The resin flooring solutions for Canteens are characterized by their dustproof and non-slip properties. In the food and agri-food industries, various surfaces often come into contact with the food products, which must therefore ensure maximum hygiene and must comply with specific standards in order to avoid contaminating the food that ends up on our tables.

Resin is the best solution for these types of environments, as it is extremely easy to clean and disinfect. Furthermore, thanks to their resistance to abrasion and chemicals, Api Spa flooring systems guarantee maximum durability over time.

These coatings have non-slip finishes in order to ensure the safety of the workers, who often come into contact with oily substances and are particularly suitable for food processing environments, as they are able to withstand both high and low temperatures. The multi-layer application gives the coating non-slip properties, good mechanical strength and a pleasant aesthetic appeal.

By creating a targeted system, Api Spa has rendered each resin flooring solution for canteens extremely easy to maintain and sanitize, thus making them perfect for any environment where maximum hygiene is required.

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