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Carports, Garages and Car Parks

Api Spa resin floors for carports, garages and car parks

Api Spa's line of resin products for car parks, garages, and carports can be easily applied to any surface, even pre-existing ones, thanks to a high-performance technical support. These solutions are even suitable for meeting special and objective requirements, as they must be capable of withstanding the frequent and continuous stresses and medium/heavy loads exerted by cars and trucks. Api Spa resin surfaces are applied directly on-site in order to meet the technical and dynamic requirements of the specific environment and are particularly suitable for car parks, drivable ramps and intermediate floors, bridges and catwalks.

Their distinctive characteristics include: waterproofing of the substrate for indoor and outdoor car parks, where the surface is exposed to continuous traffic and vehicle transit; flat and seamless workmanship, free of any joints, which, in addition to maintaining the aesthetic appeal, also provides for a non-slip effect.

The finished flooring is particularly resistant to wear and has an excellent mechanical strength. This type of coating can be used in multi-level car parks, outdoor residential areas, garages and drivable surfaces.

Api Spa resin floors are also quick to install, easy to maintain and ensure optimal results.

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