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Event venues

Api Spa resin floors for event venues

Api Spa creates sophisticated resin flooring solutions for Event Venues, designed with a careful attention to detail. The formulations developed offer the possibility of covering extensive indoor and outdoor areas, giving a different aesthetic appeal to every environment.

The resulting resin surfaces are resistant to heavy foot traffic, seamless for maximum hygiene and to prevent dirt accumulations and non-slip to ensure maximum safety. Thanks to the possibility of selecting various coatings and materials, they are capable of meeting a wide range of performance and functionality requirements.


They can be made with a multitude of different colours and aesthetic effects, which can even take on functional purposes in terms of indicating specific zones, delineating certain areas or identifying brands and products.

The colour of the surface changes depending on the materials utilized, the choice of granules and pigments to be incorporated, such as glitters or grains. Thanks to the use of the very best processing techniques, Api Spa flooring systems are characterized by their colour stability and exceptional functionality.

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