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Api Spa resin floors for hospitals

Hygiene is an absolute must for every hospital and Api Spa resin floors offer solutions that are exceptionally easy to clean and sterilize. Thanks to the continuity and uniformity of the surfaces, which are free of any traditional joints, there is no place for the dirt to hide.

The resin flooring solutions for hospitals are therefore ideal for clinics, nursing homes, and other similar types of structures, including: operating rooms, outpatient medical or veterinary clinics, analysis laboratories and packaging areas in the pharmaceutical industry.

The essential health protection requirements and the current safety standards are always respected during the material application phase. The impermeability of these surfaces is also extremely important, in order to prevent chemical substances from being absorbed in case of accidental spills.

Since the materials can be utilized at temperatures ranging from -30° to +70°C, there are specific products for each type of environment and the most appropriate system is determined according to the working temperatures and the individual requirements.

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