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Offices and studios

Api Spa resin floors for offices and studios

Api Spa resin floors are ideal for various purposes, and can even be used to complete offices and studios. Resin is the ideal solution in rooms where the light and the perception of continuity offer a greater degree of visual and practical comfort.

A pleasant and highly-customizable environment helps to create a climate of well-being. Dynamism and innovation are the distinguishing features of Api Spa's projects for the application of resin flooring in offices and studios, with meticulous attention paid to every contour, aspect, and detail.

From their high mechanical strength to their ease of cleaning, these resin coatings provide for optimal performance over time, maintaining their characteristic unaltered.

Furthermore, their level of performance remains the same, even if subjected to constant tread, transit and stress. The formulations developed for offices and studios are designed to meet each individual requirement of the areas to be outfitted, offering an unlimited variety of colours and decorations.

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