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Public Places

Api Spa resin floors for Public Places


Resin floors are becoming increasingly popular in public places, like shops, showrooms, outlets. Their ductility and resistance to chemical agents make them perfect for these types of structures.

Api Spa has long experience in the production, maintenance and restoration of residential and industrial surfaces. The continuous innovation, pursuit of advanced materials and development of new systems carried out by the in-house laboratories, combined with the new application techniques are all essential elements for ensuring the very best results in terms of aesthetics and functionality.

Thanks to their excellent resistance to tread and impact, these coatings are ideal for areas that are particularly exposed and subjected to high levels of foot traffic.

Resin allows to develop solutions that can be applied to any pre-existing support, while at the same time ensuring ease of maintenance and the possibility of being modified at any time. The seamless and uniform surfaces prevent dirt from accumulating, thus facilitating the cleaning and sanitization of the environment.

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