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Api Spa resin floors for schools

Safety comes first: due to the need to ensure compliance with the current standards and to meet all the necessary requirements, the Api Spa resin floors used in school environments are rigorously made with non-slip and anti-skid properties.

These dustproof and sanitary coatings are easy to clean, and maintain their original characteristics for an extended period of time: an essential feature, above all in the case of resin floors for canteens. Colour also plays an extremely important role and a wide range of tones can be used to create designs of all shapes and sizes. They are highly resistant to foot traffic and abrasion.

The resin flooring solutions for schools offer excellent performances, even in terms of acoustic insulation, thanks to the use of modular systems designed to absorb impact. Waterproof and easily disinfectable coatings, that do not allow the infiltration of liquid substances.


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