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Shopping Centres and Outlet Malls

Api Spa resin floors for shopping centres and outlet malls

At shopping centres and outlet malls, the first impression can make all the difference when the customer is deciding where they want to go to do their shopping, above all if we're talking about large commercial expositions, and it is therefore essential to ensure a pleasant appearance at first sight. Nothing is able to exalt the design of these large spaces like a resin flooring, as it becomes a key distinctive element and gives the environment a touch of personality.

Api Spa offers a vast assortment of resin flooring types for shopping centres and outlet malls, ranging from basic to decorative elements, all of which can be customized in terms of both form and colour.

The formulations are specifically designed to ensure the very best aesthetic appeal, while at the same time guaranteeing the necessary technical requirements, such as durability, ease of repair and resistance to abrasion.

Api Spa produces modulated coatings designed to meet any aesthetic and technical requirements. The company's knowledge of the materials, together with the continuous research conducted by its laboratories, allows to obtain exceptional design performance and elegance.

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