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Api Spa resin floors for shops

Bolstered by its experience in the industrial sector, Api Spa has also gained considerable expertise in the commercial field, offering high-quality and finely crafted resin flooring systems for shops. Today the company is able to design increasingly high-performing surfaces with extraordinary personality, based on the areas to be outfitted, like shops, where the emotional appeal is of the utmost importance.

The various solutions offered allow for the creation of environments with an original design, free of any joints, with the possibility of opting for either a glossy or matt finish and using any colour tone, even based on the customer's specific preferences.

This aesthetic capacity is matched with an extraordinary resistance to abrasion and non-slip properties for maximum safety.

The absence of any joints facilitates the cleaning process. The coating can even be used to create skirting boards and walls, in order to ensure a uniform and integrated style.

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