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Api Spa resin floors for the automotive industry

The use of the resins typically utilized for this sector implies the need for considerable mechanical strength, with the frequent necessity to repair surfaces that have suffered a severe damage.

One of the primary demands when creating resin floors for the Automotive Industry is to obtain surfaces that are highly resistant to both mechanical and chemical stresses, with the possibility of choosing appropriate and customizable colours, for a bright and comfortable environment. This feature helps to improve the safety and quality of the work environment, with unmistakable benefits during the product manufacturing phase.

Api Spa offers a complete range of solutions that can help satisfy the fundamental technical requirements (resistance to impacts, heavy loads and abrasion), which is why the processing is aimed at improving and enhancing the strength of the resin floors.

Given the various oily substances used for the work operations in places like auto repair shops and engineering companies and the frequent use of oils and fuels, the waterproofing of the surfaces is essential for ensuring ease of cleaning, as well as for rendering the flooring dust-proof. The coatings are non-slip and can even be used to cover existing surfaces, with a considerable saving in terms of both time and money.

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