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Api Spa resin floors for the mechanical industry

In the mechanical sector, Api Spa resin floors offer excellent resistance to impact and wear and ease of cleaning in environments that generate considerable processing by-products by their very nature. Special features include marked traffic routes, and non-slip surfaces designed to improve working conditions.

The application of resin flooring even makes it possible to quickly restore surfaces that have suffered severe damage, rendering them fully operational once again.

Due to its exceptional performance and its ability to withstand impacts and heavy duty work activities, resin flooring is an excellent choice for companies operating in the Mechanical industry.

Having an extraordinary flexibility in case of repairs, both routine and special maintenance operations can be easily carried out.

Based on the specific requirements, Api Spa offers tailor-made solutions for companies who works in this sector, with products designed specifically for the activities conducted in this field, thanks to special resins formulated by the company's internal laboratories.

Surfaces which are able to handle even the heaviest loads and enduring over time, that also can be applied above of existing floors by simply preparing the surface, depending on the spaces to be covered and the types of work activities to be carried out in the various rooms.

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