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Repair Shops

  Api Spa resin floors for Repair Shops

In addition to being easy to sanitize, the resin floors for Repair Shops are designed to render the work areas bright and comfortable, in order to facilitate the work activities. Resin flooring allows to create seamless solutions with colour continuity between the various surfaces, without any joints where dirt can accumulate, thus rendering it particularly suitable for working environments.

The complete customization of the shapes and colours made available by the Api Spa processing operations allows the customer to choose among various formulations.

Furthermore, there is no need for any demolition work, as the flooring can be easily applied directly above of the existing underlays, thus ensuring excellent savings in terms of both time and money. Api Spa resin floors bring out the aesthetic appeal of the environment and the application cycle is extremely simple. The colour plays a crucial role for repair shops with light traffic, where the working and staging areas can be highlighted accordingly.

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