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Warehouses and Logistics

Api Spa resin floors for warehouses and logistics facilities


Resin floors for warehouses and logistics facilities are routinely subjected to high levels of forklift traffic and it is therefore necessary to use coatings with an excellent degree of wear resistance. It is also possible to highlight the preferential routes, the merchandise storage areas, the escape routes and create static dissipative coatings wherever required.

The resin surfaces must have excellent resistance to wear and heavy loads, as well as non-slip properties. Their ability to withstand abrasions is also extremely important and the careful preparation of the underlay makes a significant difference.

Api Spa produces flooring formulations that are particularly resistant and suitable for vehicles. All the interventions can be performed upon various types of supports, including concrete, tile, cement, previously applied resin and are aimed at resolving specific problems.

Thanks to the preliminary solutions, the seamless coatings are even capable of enhancing performance based on the specific requirements of each individual site.

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