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Api Spa resin floors for Wineries

The resins used for winery flooring must possess the appropriate technical characteristics. It must be dust-proof, waterproof, seamless and must be specifically designed to ensure hygiene in food processing environments.

A fundamental requirement for places like these, where the use of advanced technologies allows to achieve high standards of performance. The European directives that regulate and monitor environmental and workplace safety, impose increasingly stringent hygiene requirements which is why the resin floors for Wineries must offer excellent characteristics in terms of quality and performance, while at the same time ensuring complete compliance with the regulations governing the use of the materials.

Thanks to the use of cutting-edge systems that meet all the requirements for these types of environments, Api Spa offers a diverse and comprehensive range of durable and functional solutions that are specifically formulated to meet the needs of the food industry.

Perfectly uniform surfaces, without any joints where dirt and bacteria can easily accumulate and a high degree of resistance to frequent contact with chemicals (wines, acids, bases).

In addition to the floor's cleaning capacity, that needs to be facilitated, must also be taken into consideration the safety factors: the resin floor should have non-slip properties wherever liquids are present in significant quantities, particularly in the food industry.

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